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Bolted 2020

Plans for our event last year were curtailed by covid restrictions. So we had a small event on Melbourne Cup day 2020 at Harvey’s Bistro with a group of enthusiastic, kind, inspirational friends who contributed ideas and planned for 2021.

Lennon the Sheepdog
Dr Tadzia GrandPre
Mrs Heather Campbell
Ms Anne Williamson, Ord Minnett
Mrs Nicole Zanyat
Ms Jane Grealy & Prof Andreas Obermair, QCGC
Ms Amena Reza
Dr Jocelyn Wolfe
Dr Judy Bligh, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
Prof Monika Janda
Mr Toby Sleming, Harveys
Ms Chey Cahill, Harveys
Ms Helen Sharpley
Ms Lisa Harrold QCGC